Aqualille has connected artisans around the world to craft our unique wallcoverings using superior materials and historical techniques. Learn more about our process here.

    Samples are 8in x 10in or 6in x 6in.
    Please note, samples are a small piece of the overall design, intended to aid in purchasing decisions by representing texture, material, colors and scale. Samples may not include all elements of a design.

    Panels are 3ft wide x 10ft long.
    All panels are 3ft wide, however, if you require a custom length, please email

    Rolls are 3ft x 15ft long. 

    Measure the WIDTH of all walls in the space you would like to wallpaper. Our standard panel width is 3ft wide. To select the appropriate amount of panels, measure the width of your wall(s) in feet and divide the total by 3. The answer is the amount of panels you will need. Always round up for fractional widths. We recommend ordering at least one extra panel to ensure proper fit.

    Measure the HEIGHT of your wall(s). If your wall height is less than or equal to 10ft, our standard panel length of 10ft will work.

    Panels are delivered in order by design. If you order a repeated design like a mural, you will receive the panels in the order by which they connect from left to right. First and last panels will always connect.

    Samples ship within 2-3 business days.
    Panels ship in approximately 6-8 weeks (US only).
    Custom orders ship in approximately 8-10 weeks (US only).
    Delivery estimates apply to in stock items only. International delivery estimates are 12-14 weeks. Stock is limited. Otherwise made to order.

    Due to the fact that our wallpaper is handmade, actual measurements, colors and designs may vary slightly. 

    Protective matte glaze is included complimentary on all orders. In most cases, this is all you need, even for a bathroom installation. Just make sure to keep the wallpaper away from extreme water, humidity, toxic chemicals (like abrasive cleaning products) and anything else you would keep your favorite artwork away from. If you have any questions or environment-specific requests, please contact

  • TRADE: Please contact for a pricing list.

  • More questions? Check out our FAQ page here.

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