What size panel length do I need?

Simply measure the height of the walls you would like to cover. Add 1-2 feet to your total for extra trim and select the length that most closely corresponds. For example, if your wall height is 8'6", we suggest rounding up and ordering the 3x10' panel length.

How many panels do I need?

Measure the total width of all the walls that you would like to paper. Then, divide that number by 3 (the width of all our panels is 3'). The result is how many panels you should order. If your number is uneven, always round up to the next whole number. For example, if the total width of your walls is 22', divide 22 by 3, which equals 7.33. In that case, round up and order a quantity of 8 panels.

How do I install it?

We recommend hiring a professional wallpaper hanger. To find a paperhanger in your area, we recommend the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers or send us a note at info@aqualille.com and we will happily help you find one!

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